Non Profit Organization KOHKI, established in 1997 and authorized by the cabinet office of Japanese Government, aims to give all people health & wellness and acts both locally and globally through the magnificent effect of KOHKI Therapy.


・光輝ドイツ・スクール KOHKI Deutschland e.V.
・光輝カナダ・スクール KOHKI Canada Ltd.
・光輝オーストラリア・スクール KOHKI Australia Pty. Ltd.

Now in 2011 KOHKI Therapy is spreading over several countries, with local KOHKI organizations in Germany, Canada and Australia that have been set up with the goal to show its effectiveness and build its reputation as a universal therapy, which is loved and practiced by a lot more people living all over the world.


KOHKI organizations have 3 common policies in their activities as below.

1、施術(癒やし)   Treatment & Healing

2、講習(まなび)   Lesson & Education

3、ボランティア(たすけあい) Charity & Spirit of Cooperation

その活動精神の根幹は、貧富や社会の壁をこえて“すべての人に生き生きとした健康を”! 趣旨に賛同してくださる方々からのご支援ご協力に感謝します。 

The principle of these policies is the following statement "May all people have an active and healthy life!"
We always appreciate and welcome your support and cooperation. 

Please visit the website of KOHKI Therapy Center in your country for more details.

 光輝人口  KOHKI fans on earth


 68,389-  〜世界70億人すべての方に!

  Above is the number of people who 
  love, support and practice KOHKI Therapy or
  have had the treatment, a lesson or joined
  the charity / volunteer work. [until June 2012]
  We hope it will reach up to 7 billion in the future,
  the whole population number on earth!